1. Have your membership card physically on you at all times!!!! If you have lost it or need a replacement it is $5 Staff and security will ask for your card so please dont be offended. You must be a financial member to enjoy all the facilities of the Club.
  2. You may sign in family and friends with your membership card. You are responsible for them, so if they are disrespectful in any way we will let you know. Once you leave they also have to leave, unless they sign up to become a member.
  3. We are a family friendly club so children are welcome at the club until 10pm daily, but they must be supervised at all times. Children must be 16 and over to play darts, and use the pool tables.
  4. Gaming room is strictly R18
  5. Dress code
    - No high VIZ
    - No dirty work gears
    - No dirty boots
    -Respectful foot wear must be worn
    -Reasonable standard of dress
  6. Please remember and remind your guests to return your glasses and bottles to the bar, plates & cutlery back to the restaurant.
  7. 8 Ball table balls are to be collected from the bar and returned after use and tables recovered. Food must not be eaten while playing.
  8. Housie is every Wednesday and Friday at 7pm and on special function nights. Please be respectful and remain quiet while housie is on.
  9. Staff and members are to be respected at all times. Intoxicated and aggressive behaviour will result in an automatic stand down, followed by an investigation by the executive committee.